Where We Work

The areas we cater for

Experienced & Successful

Bon Appetit is one of the most experienced and successful caterers of its kind. We believe our unerring culture towards sound health practices and safety principles, combined with an insistence on using only fresh, seasonal ingredients to create delicious yet nutritious cuisine, is the key to our success. Bon Appetit provides catering to many different industries in and across the UK including:

  • Construction Sites
  • Universities & Colleges
  • Hospitals


Our innovation in catering extends to a long-standing environmental programme we have in place that looks at ways we can regularly reduce our carbon footprint. We do this where possible in the business by only using recyclable packaging and disposable items. We also implement this through the quality of service and the provision of fresh, tasty, well-cooked food sourced as locally as possible. We work with open communication channels and have responsive mechanisms in place for dealing with any issue that may arise. We are confident that our values and practices set the standards for others to aspire.


Nutritious Enjoyment

We pride ourselves on providing nutritious and tasty meals to suit all tastes and dietary requirements. Our on-site canteen provides an enjoyable environment to eat and enjoy the company of your colleagues.

Our fully trained chefs work on site every day, coming up with new menu ideas and ensuring standards of food are maintained. They work hard at providing healthier versions of traditional and classic meals without compromising on flavour. All of our staff are highly trained and friendly helping to provide a great experience to all of your workforce.

Long Term Relationships

We believe that quality of food, full of nutrients and that tastes great is the cornerstone of our success in the catering arena. A healthy and happy workforce is better for everyone involved.

If you have specific requirements then let us know and we can work with you to come up with a solution that suits you best. We work with you and your budget, forming long term working relationships so that you know you can rely on us to provide the very best service all day every day! We are experts in workforce catering and have a wealth of experience working within this remit.