Some Quick Stats

  • We serve 25,000 unique weekly visitors from across the construction industry at the UK’s largest infrastructure projects.

  • Our 1,300,000 annual visitors spend 6.88 hours per week in our restaurants.

  • Those visitors average 30 minutes dwell time per event across 18 events per week.

  • Our visitors take away 3,000,000 takeaway cups every year.

  • Our visitors use 5,000,000 napkins every year.

  • 1,000,000 takeaway bags are taken away by our visitors every year

  • We use 1.5m sheets of greaseproof paper every year.

We are happy to discuss Sponsorship of individual restaurants, multiple locations or full buy outs of our network of sites.

Sponsorship opportunities include, but are not limited to;

• Naming rights over the restaurants

• Headline sponsorship in restaurants

• Paper cups / napkins

• Take away bags / hot boxes

• TV screens & menu screens

• Table menu cards

• Wi-Fi login page

• Emails to our database through loyalty app

• Loyalty Scheme application

• Tables / dishes / staff uniforms

• Discount cards / competitions / meal plans

• Drinks Fridges

• Product Sampling

• Opportunities for data capture