Why we serve only outstanding food on construction sites

Construction sites are a place of noise, dust, and a lot of air pollution. In the past, they were also associated with one of the most pernicious problems of modern living: junk food. The traditional construction site had a burger van, and maybe a sandwich van or similar. While these foods were great for those in a hurry, since they can easily be eaten on the way back to their job, they are terribly unhealthy, and offer the consumer nothing except empty calories. Evidence also suggests that workers eating junk food are less productive in the long term.

Recent research has shown that consuming junk food has a negative impact upon energy levels in the long term. This is because the foods typically sold by burger bars and vans tend to be high in refined sugars, and also contain a lot of fats. The body rapidly burns the sugars in the food, not only in white bread but also in meats and other processed foods, with the result that the blood sugar levels in the body shoot up. Insulin is produced in order to combat this problem, but it can be over-done, sending the blood sugars shooting back down. This can lead to the worker being uncomfortable, tired and hungry, and working less after a junk food meal. It can also cause the worker to gain weight, since insulin enables the storing of blood sugars as fat.

This is why we only serve outstanding, high-quality foods to our customers on construction sites. We know that low-quality, high-sugar foods can make workers unhappy, and will reduce their productivity, while nutritious foods, with slow-release carbohydrates and less refined sugars, will benefit the workers, helping to increase their productivity, and reducing weight gain.