Why we only using Fresh Ingredients

Bon Appetit uses only the freshest seasonal ingredients in our dishes for our on-site catering. Our team has unwavering commitment to using fresh food alongside adhering to strong health and safety principles.

By strictly adhering to our ‘fresh is best’ policy, we strive to use only fresh seasonal foods bursting with goodness, at all times. Many of our suppliers have been with us for more than 20 years and they understand the high standards we expect in the food we serve.

We use the following products to keep in line with our policy of keeping our food and ingredients healthy:

  • Using only semi skimmed milk
  • Meat that is low in fat
  • Low fat spreads in place of butter
  • Dishes that are low in GI (glycaemic index)
  • Products that are low in salt

We also have special offers throughout the month to encourage healthy eating on our sites.
On site canteen
In the pursuit of a greener consciousness we launched a dedicated environmental programme in 2004, where we put our passion for sustainability into practice by utilising the following:

  • Our produce is Red Tractor and RSPCA Freedom-food certified, and endorsed by the Rain-forest Alliance.
  • We maintain total trace-ability of every ingredient from its source to the plate.
  • And we constantly look at ways to reduce our carbon footprint and where possible, only use recyclable packaging and disposables.

As you can see we take the ingredients that go in to our food very seriously, and we do not skimp on products that do not meet our criteria.