Reports about potential health concerns related to genetically modified (GM) foods and processed foods that contain additives, have encouraged consumers to be more aware of what’s in the foods they eat.
There are many benefits of using on-site catering in large construction companies. Providing food on the premises can be an effective way of ensuring that work gets completed on time and costs stay within budget.
Maintaining a healthy diet can be challenging during the working week, when deadlines, workload and multiple priorities, shift the focus away from your food choices. However, when you work for a large company that provide on-site catering it should make cutting down on the unhealthy food easier
Managing costs on large building sites can be one of the key challenges faced by project budget holders. When weighing costs, however, the use of an onsite catering company shouldn’t be overlooked.  It is a choice that offers many benefits, including saving you both time and money on your construction projects. 
Catering on a large scale for construction sites really is a specialised field not only because these on-site catering projects tend to be quite large but also because there are a number of other things that need to be taken into consideration.
Construction sites are a place of noise, dust, and a lot of air pollution. In the past, they were also associated with one of the most pernicious problems of modern living: junk food. The traditional construction site had a burger van, and maybe a sandwich van or similar.
Large construction sites have hundreds of workers in all types of trades on site, so being able to provide a good catering service that provides quality fresh food daily is important.