Which Locally Sourced Foods Are Best for Everyone?

Many businesses and homes are opting for locally sourced foods as a means of supporting small farms. In turn, this helps local communities and economies, as more jobs are produced. Using locally sourced foods provides fresher goods as it’s faster to deliver, and many farms now offer competitive pricing in order to compete with larger chains. So, which locally sourced foods are best for everyone? Here, we consider the nutritional value of each.


Eggs are suitable for all, except vegans. Locally sourced eggs are more likely to be free range, as smaller farms tend to keep less hens. It’s been acknowledged that small farms may potentially carry less risk of salmonella due to this lack of confinement.

Fresh eggs from locally produced sources offer a good source of protein, besides several nutrients. One egg contains an abundance of vitamins, such as vitamin B and C, as well as selenium and folate. They raise good cholesterol within our body, and contain healthy fats required for brain, heart and joint health.


Potatoes often have a bad reputation, but they provide great benefits when cooked the correct way. Most people enjoy eating potatoes and sourced locally, ensures they’re ultra-fresh. Baked potatoes or steamed baby potatoes are the best way to cook these for their nutrients. However, there are varying ways to incorporate potatoes into a dish that many will love. Potatoes are bursting with potassium, which is needed for a healthy heart. They’re also packed with antioxidants, vitamin B6 and vitamin C.


Similar to potatoes, locally sourced carrots are extra fresh and will last longer. Suitable to eat raw or cooked, use them in salads, casseroles or as a side vegetable all year round. Carrots are thought to be one of the healthiest foods you can consume, with vitamin A, B6, folic acid and antioxidants contributing to their nutritional value. They are great for boosting the immune system, good eye health and the growth of cells.


Locally sourced apples tend to be juicier, greener and fresher than those from overseas. Apples make a great snack or addition to a delicious homemade dessert, such as apple pie. Apples are packed with vitamin C and are high in fibre, preventing heart disease, lung cancer and reducing the risk of diabetes.


Though fish isn’t suitable for vegans of vegetarians, its health benefits ensure that it’s a locally sourced food that should be considered. Oily fish, such as salmon and mackerel contains omega 3 fatty acids, which are known to be healthy fats. These fats can lower the risk of heart disease, depression and joint pain. Oily fish can be used in fish pie, pasta dishes and salads. Again, using locally sourced fish has the same benefits as using locally sourced farm produce. Local fish will also be fresher and tastier than those sourced elsewhere.