Sourcing Locally Produced Food Benefits

Sourcing food produced locally has become increasingly popular with chefs and food experts, and most people now expect their local restaurant, deli and caterers to offer a range of dishes featuring locally sourced food.

There are many benefits to finding local foods and incorporating them into your diet, and we have listed a few of the more important reasons why fresh, local food is best for any catering. They include:

  • The first benefit is that local food tends to be fresher, and also to taste more like real food. Fish, meat and vegetables which are produced in the local area are likely to be tastier. In addition, fresh food is also likely to retain the nutrients and minerals which tend to leech out within a few hours of being prepared. This means that you are likely to get more nutritional benefit from local foods. There will also be no need for preservatives, which again can affect the taste and nutritional composition of foods.
  • The second benefit from eating locally is to do with the sustainability of local produce. Encouraging local farming helps to preserve the land and reduce soil erosion, which affects everyone living nearby. You are also more likely to receive health benefits from food grown in natural soil, rather than in greenhouses or ‘forced’ farming areas. Local farming, using traditional methods, helps to maintain the soil, and prevents the over-farming of ground which can reduce its nutritional content.
  • Another benefit is the boost that buying locally can give to the economy of the area. Sourcing food locally helps to support farming communities, meaning that they are less reliant on payouts from the EU. Local farms are also likely to need less support from the government, and there is also less impact on the area from heavy farming methods and distribution.