Catering for the Workforce

Nutritional food is important for tradespeople

Working in a trade means that you always need to be in good health and that you can manage a full day’s work without feeling tired or suffering from aches and pains. Many tradespeople will go through periods where they feel tired, or where they catch illnesses regularly. Although they might blame working conditions, or the amount of stress that they are under, one of the most common reasons for poor health in tradespeople is a lack of correct nutrition. Missing out on meals and living off of tea and biscuits means that essential nutrients are being missed.

Nutritional Food

There are two ways that people use to consume more nutrition. The first is the choice of taking vitamin supplements each day. While these can be useful in some cases, they are no replacement for the second option, which is the consumption of nutritional foods that contain a wealth of vitamins, minerals and other essential substances that the body needs to feel well. In order to ensure that the trades person is not missing out on those important ingredients, it is essential that they eat a well-balanced diet and restrict the amount of unhealthy foods that they eat.

There are certain recommendations that should be followed in order to ensure that you have the right foods in order to keep you healthy. Firstly, foods should be high in fibre, including wholegrain breads, brown rice and potato skins. All of these contain vitamins and minerals that can help to lower cholesterol and prevent weight gain. Grains also contain a wealth of vitamins and minerals, and can help to keep tradespeople healthy. Starches should also become a component of meals, including pasta and cereals. Combined with fruit vegetables at every meal, they should be sufficient to help manage a daily routine.