Large scale catering on Building Sites

Large-scale catering for building companies on building sites is a specialised business.  To be able to cope with catering on such a large scale you need to have systems and a team of staff in place who know what they are doing.

The handling of catering on building sites is different to the way you would cater for other occasions such as weddings or birthdays. Large-scale catering requires a lot of commitment and organisation, allowing the production of the food to be the best it possibly can.

When you are serving many people with different food preferences and requirements, being prepared with a good selection of food will prove successful for any catering business.

Organising on-site catering

Now days the most common way to arrange building and construction site catering is to  set up on the site. This allows a commercial kitchen and seating area to be erected on any site, so all the requirements of a catering business can be met with it all meeting specific health and safety regulations.  Having on-site catering also makes break time more enjoyable and gives staff the best food options available.

Choosing a catering contractor for building sites

Construction companies when they employ a catering business on site, need to know that the health and safety is up to standard and their staff have the correct training.  They also need to know that the catering company has a menu with a good selection of nutritional food and drink and offers quality fresh food every day.  They also need to know that the company has the ability to feed hundreds of employers at any time of the day and night as required.  So you can see why it is important to choose a reliable company for construction companies on large scale, as this will ensure your workers will be well fed and well looked after.