Construction Site Industry Catering

Bon Appetit Caterers provide a catering service to the construction site industry in the UK. Whether its two hundred people or a thousand we provide good quality catering for site workers. All staff are trained to a minimum level 2 hygiene standard in health and safety, with all managers on level 3.  By doing this it makes us more than capable if needed to adapt to someone’s dietary or health conscience needs.

Eating healthily is a growing desire in this day and age and we offer an extensive menu that has a wide variety of food options and is multi nutritional. We provide and install large scale canteens to cater for many workers and also provide grab and go deli style cafés.

In December 2014 our company served Christmas Lunch at the Lend lease Olympic Stadium Project. Lend Lease is a multinational property and infrastructure company and one of the biggest contractors in the UK. They are assigned to other jobs similar to this type of one, with its BP Headquarters in Sunbury which Bon Appetit also provide a catering service to.

As we all know the Olympic Stadium became one of the landmarks of the country after the games, with West Ham United’s moving its team to the stadium in 2016. Bon Appetit will proudly be the sole provider of food and drink to all members on this project. At peak times Bon Appetit can serve around a thousand meals daily, catering to all types of appetites and requirements.

Other Catering work

On the 5th December, eight participants from Berkeley Homes North East competed in the Arctic Biathlon in Sweden where they were in competition with each other whilst coping with temperatures up to -30 degree! Bon Appetit was at hand to provide mince pies and mulled wine upon the completion of the challenge.

At the Goodman’s Fields project in Aldgate, which will become a mixed use seven acre development in the heart of the city, Bon Appetit provided around six hundred meals daily, catering to all different nutritional needs and as always we delivered them with a smile and our excellent customer service!